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The same study says Indiana has the second highest rate of forced sex among high school students.According to a 2011 Ball State University study, rates of domestic abuse in teen violence differ based on race and ethnicity.Those victimized the most were Hispanic women, white men and black women.

"Population is not part of the formula."He said a comprehensive list of the number of miles per county does not exist.

The teenager said she never would have thought she would have been in an abusive relationship.

Mercer began dating a boy from her neighborhood when she was a freshman at Hamilton Southeastern High School.

However, more than half could not correctly identify warning signs.

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In Krystal Mercer’s relationship, there were signs of abuse, but no one knew until her boyfriend punched a hole in the wall of her parents' home.

Morgan County — home to Martinsville and Mooresville — will by far receive the most road funding per capita at about ,115 per person.